The "OFF_online" project is about university and high school students during lockdown. It’s

about young people feelings when they suddenly find themselves ”excluded” from their usual

life. We filmed anxiety and loneliness, self-examination and problems of interaction with

siblings, joy and dreams of a post-pandemic future - everything that the guys themselves

wanted to tell us. The heroes of the project became its co-authors - together we searched for

stories and came up with images that most fully convey their mood and state.

Photos were taken on a mobile phone camera from a computer monitor screen,

communication was carried out via Skype program.

Published in Esquire Magazine

last year student of the International business management program with knowledge of foreign languages, Estonian business school (EBS); Tallinn
junior student of the media graphics Department of the Estonian  Academy of arts, Tallinn
sophomore student of the Department of folk art of the Dorogomilovo  College of Moscow State University; Moscow
a student of the 11th grade of a secondary school; Moscow
raisa mikhaylova. off_online. Без названия
junior undergraduate student of the faculty of liberal arts and humanities  of Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg
senior student of the HSE faculty of psychology, Moscow