Kids with special needs. No one knows why you come to our world so different, we still have not learned to fully understand you. Similar and dissimilar, you are with us and - at the same time - as if somewhere in another, parallel space - perhaps that's where the real life is? Only occasionally opening the veil between "here" and "not here", you seem to notice something we do not know, feel and see deeper than any of us can do...

Trying to teach you to live in our world, we ourselves learn from you - learn sincerity, kindness, humanity.

The series was presented at the Baltic Photobiennale, Kaliningrad, 2017.

Miron (7 y.o., autism) is playing near the window during his break between lessons, organised by the parents of kids with special needs.
Misha (7 y.o., cerebral palsy) sitting at the table with the special stuff helping him to answer the questions (It's written "NO" there).
Miron (7 y.o., autism) is the country yard.
Educational classes for "kids with special needs" in the Moscow Zoo.
Miron (7 y.o., autism) with his father.
Masha (8 years old, cerebral palsy) in the hall of the room, where classes for kids with special needs take place.