First time I visited the dog shelter being asked to take some photos of puppies. The volonteers usually publish the photoes on social network to help the dogs find a new home. I was really impressed with the shelter dogs. Despite the cruelty they had in their live, they were badly waiting for people's hug.
No-kill shelter movement is not only for rescuing dogs, who've been lost, abandoned or neglected. It's also rescuing people giving them a chance for doing good and acting according to conscience.

Cleaning the enclosure.
A puppy named Greta is being prepared for a sterilization operation.
Fenced territory for walking dogs.
Most of the dogs enter the shelter in such cells.
Feeding dogs.
Puppies are kept in a separate cage.
A garden tool after cleaning the shelter: autumn leaves mixed with dog hair.
A dog named Koreetz is covered with a blanket to take to a veterinarian.
A newly operated puppy wakes up after anesthesia.
Operation for sterilization of the puppy.
The territory of the shelter.
A dog named Almaz in his cage. In the summer of 2015, he will leave for a new home.