Born in Moscow, Russia. The member of the Union of Russian Photo Artists

2016/2017 - "DoсDoсDoс" School of Modern Photography (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
2016 – Education program of the School of Visual Arts, Photo Editing course curated by A.Polikanov (Moscow, Russia)
2015/2016 – "Composition in Photography" course curated by A.Chernov (Moscow, Russia)
1994/1995 – postgraduate education in Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts
1988/1994 - Lomonosov Moscow State University (history of art, art critic department)

"Russian Reporter", "Takie Dela", "Bird in flight", IA REGNUM, "Echo of Moscow", F-Stop magazine, Dodho magazine, Edge of Humanity, Republic, RTVI, mediaproject S-T-O-L, "Digital Photo", "Digital Camera"  and others

Selected exhibitions

  • 2019 - "Photounion-2019" group exhibition - Moscow, Russia

  • 2019 - International Ocean Arts Festival - Jeju, South Korea

  • 2019 - International Group Exhibition - Millepiani - Rome, Italy

  • 2018 - "From Shelter to Home" solo exhibition at the HSE Lyceum

  • 2018 - Exhibition of the "Year of the Dog" project, Union of Photo Artists of Russia, Moscow, Russian State Library for Youth

  • 2017 - Exhibition of the best works of the XVI interregional competition of reportage photography "In memory of Alexander Efremov", Tobolsk, Tyumen

  • 2017 - The Baltic Photobiennale, Kaliningrad

  • 2016 - "Without Barriers!", Moscow, International Trade Center (II Diploma of the VI All-Russian Contest on the Life of Disabled Persons "Without Barriers")

  • 2016 - 24 Snapshots of Bikes, San Vito dei Normanne, Italy

  • 2015 - Exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of architect Konstantin Melnikov, Moscow, Shusev' Museum of Architecture

  • 2015 - Baltic Photobiennale, Kaliningrad

  • 2015 - "The Image of a Russian Manor", Moscow, The Historical Museum

  • 2014-2015 - III Photobiennale of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Marble Palace

  • 2012 - Exhibition of the winners of the First Street Photography Festival, Moscow, Fotodoc, Sakharov Center

  • 2009-2010 - I Photobiennale of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Marble Palace

  • 2007 - "Photographer of the Year - 2007", St. Petersburg, ARTINDEX, Central Museum of Communications named after A. Popov

  • 2006 - "The Metropolitan History", Moscow, Central House of Artists

  • 2005 - Master 2005 (within the Digital Reality 2005 competition), St. Petersburg

AiR / Collaborative Projects

  • 2017 – "In Lenin Street" - collaborative photoproject of "DoсDoсDoс" School of Modern Photography in Saint Petersburg


  • 2019 - Diploma of the II All-Russian Festival of Russian Art Photography in memory of A.K. Kulakov

  • 2018 - Diploma of the winner of the All-Russian competition of journalistic works "I-creator" ("Photography" nomination)

  • 2018 - Bronze award of the international contest of Tokio International Photo Awards 

  • 2018 - Honorable mention of the jury of the International Contest Fine Arts Photos Awards 

  • 2016 - II diploma of the VI All-Russian competition on the life of disabled people "Without barriers"